When you live in Tennessee, there is a little observation you may have made. Every guy carries around a knife in his pocket. It is like this unspoken rule with all of the men in the Volunteer State. It comes in handy, too – you never know when you will need to cut a string, open a box, or fight off a bear…you know, all of the typical day-to-day kinda stuff. Regardless of the reasoning, we all have knives, so where do they all come from? There is an outdoor store in Sevierville, Tennessee, that holds the record for the world’s largest knife store.

Smoky Mountain Knife Works is the world’s largest knife showplace, and with a 108,000-square-foot store, it can fit plenty of cutlery.

Smoky Mountain Knife Works started as a small business selling knives out of the back of a truck in 1970. Fast forward to today, and CEO Kevin Pipes and president John Parker have built a massively successful store for knife enthusiasts. Their motto is “If it cuts, we carry it.”

Thousands of knives are on display at Smoky Mountain Knife Works: folding knives, automatic knives, fixed blades, and even swords.

Walking around, you can see the many different styles and types, and with so many options you are sure to see something new. From the practical to the absolutely outrageous, there is something for everyone.

Guns and knives seem to go hand-in-hand, so you will find handguns, rifles, ammo, and so much more. Shop for a new hunting rifle or find the perfect firearm accessories in the store.

Being a true outdoor store, it also has everything you need for your next great adventure.

There’s outdoor wear for both men and women, as well as a variety of camping gear. There are fossils and cool souvenirs as well, so even if you aren’t a knife person, there are plenty of other interesting things to shop for.

Most outdoor stores have a couple of stuffed animals or a mount or two, but Smoky Mountain Knife Works takes it to another level.

It has typical woodland creatures you would find in the surrounding area, as well as a zebra, wild boar, and moose. If that wasn’t enough, then you are sure to enjoy the country picking and plucking musical bear and raccoon on display.

This store truly has everything you could imagine when it comes to anything sharp.

Throughout the store, you will find display cases with replicas of various weapons used in movies and games. You may see a blade used in terminator, or an elven blade from The Lord of the Rings. Make sure to also check out the collection of katanas and other martial arts swords.

This is more than just an outdoor store in Sevierville, Tennessee, the Smoky Mountain Knife Works is the biggest knife showplace in the world! With so many great blades to check out and a wide collection of outdoor items, this is one great store we are blessed to have in Tennessee. If you want any more information about the store or join the other millions of people ordering online then visit Smoky Mountain Knife Works’ website. 

For something a little less sharp in the area try visiting another record-breaking place, the world’s largest salt, and pepper collection!

Address: Smoky Mountain Knife Works, 2320 Winfield Dunn Pkwy, Sevierville, TN 37876, USA

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