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Origin Handcrafted is a Canadian company known for its use of recycled materials. It’s launching a Kickstarter campaign designed to appeal to vintage enthusiasts, amateur chefs, and people who like their tools to have a little bit of soul.

Launched this week, the fundraiser for Origin Handcrafted is based around a pair of knives: a Japanese Santoku-style chef’s blade and a smaller utility knife. The brand crafts each knife from recycled sawmill blades, whiskey barrels, and local timber.

Origin’s $20,000 goal will fund production, allowing the company to bring pieces of its regional history together into what looks to be an attractive, functional package.

Origin Handcrafted

Based in the rural village of Balmoral, Manitoba, Origin represents the combined efforts of two people — partners Marc Liss and Kayla Penelton.

They have a passion for working with local and recycled materials, crafting them into useful items that capture a sense of their making and place. Per a company press release, the duo operates on a simple philosophy: “People should love the things they own; and these things should be built to last.”

And on paper, their latest offering appears to meet these criteria.

“The steel is sourced from antique sawmill blades, and the handle is made from local whiskey barrels and Manitoba maple, a fast-growing and prolific tree here on the prairies,” Liss said.

So, to recap — Origin plans to use soulful, sustainably sourced materials to create a pair of chef’s knives in a centuries-old style?

Sounds like a winning proposition. But poor design or execution can thwart even the best intentions. However, Liss and Penelton are confident in their process.

‘Should Last a Lifetime’

“Utility is always our priority,” Origin claims on its Kickstarter. “The quality of the steel and the thin, hard edge means they cut and perform superbly. We’ve designed them to be well-balanced, comfortable, and beautiful. Consumers know products today are intended to be cheap and disposable, but at Origin Handcrafted, we believe items you own should last a lifetime.”

And Origin has a history of rewarding customer faith. Both of the brand’s first two Kickstarter campaigns reached their respective goals, including an effort to launch a small, fixed-blade pocket knife last year. The company is also known for its handcrafted rings, leather belts, and bushcraft blades.

The Origin Culinary Series Kickstarter goes live on Wednesday, June 1, 2022. Learn more at Kickstarter.